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Why Digital Invitation Video?

Budget-friendly: Digital invitation videos are much more budget-friendly than paper invites. Far more cheaper than traditional paper Invites.

Eco-friendly: Paperless. The world is seeking eco-friendly environment. So, lets join our hands in creating Go Green or eco-friendly environment.

Save Time: Infact, You save lots of time. One big relief is You don’t have to distribute the digital invitation card personally by visiting your dear ones Home. You can send the digital invitation video sitting from your Home to anyone, anywhere in the world who is dearest and nearest to You with a single click.

Why Kaushik Venkatesh?

More than our words, its worth watching our work. Check it out.

Obviously, it’s a definite question striking in your mind. Why Kaushik Venkatesh? when you find several online.
The answer is simple. Unique designs, new creative ideas, most affordable price. And best of all designed by professional who is not only an engineer, but, also an artist. It’s an Art of Engineering.

What are different Video Formats Available?

The different video formtas available for video invitations or greetings are
Square (1:1)
Vertical (9:16)
Landscape (16:9)
Full HD

Do You Create Corporate Videos?

Yes, off-course. We do.

Is it possible to change the Music?

We recommend You to choose the music from the list available with us. Still, if You wish to customize the video with different music which is not available in our list or library. Then You should provide us the music (with rights). We never encourage copyrighted materials in our work.

What Details We need from You?

We will collect some details about You for the purpose of Video Customization. Please, provide us Your whatsApp number, photo (if required), and the details regarding the video customization, So that it becomes easier for us to understand your needs. And, Also don’t forget to mention the Video Product Code (For Example: WAV – 001) .

Send these details through the E-mail link Here:

How To Buy?

To buy the video (product), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Shop Page. browse for the video (Product).
  2. Choose the video You want to buy
  3. Fill the Form with neccessary details (video customization). Make sure to provide all the neccessary details essential for creating the video;
    like Your name, e-mail address, phone number (For better communication, please provide your whatsApp number).
    And photos (if the Theme insists). You can send photos via e-mail. Don’t forget to specify the Video Product Code.
  4. Once, You have given all the details. Just place the order for the video by pressing the “Buy” button.

You will get your sample video within few hours. Once, You confirm the video. You will recieve the final video within 48 hours via e-mail or whatsApp.

Video Guide

How much time is needed to complete the video?

The Final Video will be delivered to You within 48 hours, once You place the order. You can use (Share)  the final video on any Social Media; WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

  1. First, You will receive a sample video via WhatsApp.
  2. Next, please, inform us for any kind of correction or customization as soon as possible. Once, We receive the confirmation from You for video customization, We will begin our work.
  3. Finally, the final product video link (Downloadable) will be sent through the E-mail/WhatsApp.
What are the Payment Methods Available?

We have integrated 3 different payment gateways for making secure payments online. For making your transaction safe.

Choose whichever is convenient for You.

Can I Cancel The Order?

Sorry!. No. There is no question of cancelling the order.

Do You Give Videos for Free?

Yes. We also provide some videos for free. But, You have to follow certain guidelines

When/How will I get My Video?

You will get your final video within 2 business days (48 hours).

Initially, You will get a sample video within few hours after you provide us the customization details. Once, You confirm the video. Within 48 hours you will get your final customized Video.

Do You provide Free Sample to try?

No. We don’t encourage free samples.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Once ordered, no cancellation (as soon as order is placed the video production process will start immediately).