Krishna Janmashtami Arghya Mantra, Procedure, and Time

Sri Krishna Janmashtami is here on its way. And, I am sure every Krishna Devotee will observe fast on Janmashtami and are keenly looking forward for Arghya Mantra. In this article, You will find the Krishna Arghya Mantra, the procedure to give Arghya and timings.

Krishna Janmashtami Arghya Mantra

Arghya has to given to Sri Krishna on Krishna Janmashtami night whether it is coinciding with Rohini Nakshatra star or not. The Arghya must be given after performing pooja to Lord Sri Krishna along with Vasudeva, Devaki Devi, Yashoda, Nanda and Balarama.

Arghya should be given with conch (Shanka) filled with water, flowers, Chandana and Dakshina. And, Arghya should also be given to Moon God (Chandra). Arghya Pradhana made/given on this time is highly auspicious which is equal to the merits of Bhoodhana.

This is the Arghya Mantra for Sri Krishna Janmashtami that You are looking for and is Free to Download.

Krishna Janmashtami Arghya Procedure

If You are looking for the step by step procedure or guide to give Krishna Arghya on the auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Then, here it is

Krishna Janmashtami Arghya Mantra

This video contains Krishna Arghya Mantra and Chandra Arghya Mantra in Kannada.

Krishna Janmashtami Arghya Time

The time for giving Arghya to Lord Krishna is at the time of moon rise. And most importantly, Arghya should also be given to Chandra as well.


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