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Anniversary Wishes in Your Name

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes in Your Name | Marathi (WAVMAR-001)

Personalized Anniversary Wishes Video

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes in Marathi (Customized in Your Name). *Video Product Code: WAVMAR-001 More Greetings @

Wish your dear ones anywhere in the world Happy Anniversary or Happy Marriage Anniversary in Marathi, fully customizable in your name. Get Your Personalized Copy of Anniversary Wishes Video Today.

Greeting someone on the Special Occasion of Birthday have become a part of our culture. And in Today’s Digital world, Everything is Digitalized. So, While Wishing someone on a Special Occasion, You need a Digital Video Greetings. And, What If You Wish Your Dear one’s in your Name? Isn’t it Interesting?

Ya! It is Prestigious to You. And, definitely, If you want to maintain the Status Quo. And not only that, Your loved ones will feel more personalized with the Customized Digital Greetings than the Normal Digital Greetings.

During the Covid-19, Physical Distancing is Necessary, Not, Distance in your relationship. Use the Mobile Technology to maintain healthy relation. Send this Video Greetings to express your love to your dear ones.

You can use the Final video on any Social Media; WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Any Social Media you prefer.

Why Kaushik Venkatesh?

You might find hundreds of Websites creating Digital Video Greetings Online, then, Why should You Opt for Kaushik Venkatesh? The answer is Simple. We value our Customers. We offer you the High Class Product/Service for most affordable price. You will find Value for money.


Please Provide the Couples Photo, Your WhatsApp Number and the Details regarding the Video Customization along with the Video Product Code (For Example: WAV -001) through the E-mail link

Delivery Time

The Final Video will be delivered within 24 hours.

How To Buy?

Just Call or WhatsApp

Mobile: +91 9242956344

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